An Open Mind is a Happy Mind


One of my favorite quotes from the Dalai Lama is “The mind is like a parachute, it works best when open.” Through my life journey I have discovered that my most productive, happy and fulfilling days are the days that I hit the ground running with a positive attitude and a free and open mind. [...]

Power to the People


When we look back on the significant moments in our lives, where we achieved great success, made a turning point, or experienced awesome joy, we can almost always connect the moment to a person.  People create links, add value, educate, inspire and move other people toward success. So, it’s important to recognize and respect the [...]

Overcoming Perceived Obstacles


Creative thinkers and entrepreneurial minds will often have many random thoughts rush in and out of their minds. Then, every so often, a thought or idea will come along and linger, knocking at their sense of imagination and driving curiosity of the potential to create positive change. Frequently, instead of taking steps toward the goal, [...]

Is oxygen intake affecting your bottom line?


I recently took a trip to Hawaii. One of the highlights of my trip was the morning runs. The conditions were prime – temperatures in the 70′s, low humidity, slight ocean breeze and flat terrain. Of course, the scenery – absolutely breathtaking. I would start my run about 6:45 AM and run down the beach [...]