Brand Inside Out

Brand Inside Out Philosophy by Vibe Communications

Pictures, drawings or any type of image will create an emotional reaction of some sort – excitement, hope, anger, disappointment, happiness, indifference, etc.- all triggered by past experiences. It’s important to remember that your company logo is no different. As a stand alone, a logo is simply a graphical image, flat with no personality.  You [...]

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People Do Business With People


People do business with people. Yep, seems obvious doesn’t it?  So, if we all really believed that people do business with people we would change the way we market our businesses and ourselves.  First, understand, that the majority of the time people are not going to choose to engage with your business, whether it’s service [...]

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C’mon Baby, Light My Fire…

Let me start by saying that I will likely offend a few readers with my next statement: I am not a fan of The Doors. I am a rocker (with a soft spot for blues), but The Doors just never really clicked with me. However, I do often reference one of the band’s most popular [...]