C’mon Baby, Light My Fire…

Let me start by saying that I will likely offend a few readers with my next statement: I am not a fan of The Doors. I am a rocker (with a soft spot for blues), but The Doors just never really clicked with me. However, I do often reference one of the band’s most popular tunes. Do I belt out the lyrics from the confines of my car? (Where, by the way, the acoustics have a strange way of making me sound amazing – Grammy-worthy, even… or maybe it’s just me? …sigh) No, I tend to have the lyrics running through my head during client discovery meetings. Odd, I know, but let me explain.

When I meet with a client to discuss their challenges with communications, marketing, PR, and branding, I am looking for what gets them excited about their organization. As strange as it sounds, it may not be anything that clients actually verbalize directly during the meeting. They may not even realize what “it” is themselves. I am looking for what topic or area of service evokes a strong emotional response. What ignites passion? What sparks enthusiasm? What lights their fire? Defining “it” is critical to understanding the culture and brand of the organization.

Every individual in the organization has something that lights their fire to show up and perform each day. Some share the same “it”, others are unique. All the voices are important and there is no wrong or right. When you get down to it, you may just find that what lights the fire of your receptionist also drives the CEO. Is it the way your organization changes lives? Is it the value placed on relationships? Is it the desire to be on the cutting edge? Chances are (and should be, in my opinion) that what lights your fire is the very thing that drives your success. It’s what keeps your customers/clients/donors happy, excited, and coming back for more. It is what defines your culture and your brand experience.

From a creative and strategic standpoint, what collectively lights your organization’s fire should fuel the flame for your communications and marketing initiatives. That spark should carry through in all messages and imagery used to brand your organization. That’s where teaming with communications professionals who can bring a fresh perspective and understand this concept is important. Look for a group willing to spend the time to dig a little deeper to discover what gets you fired up and are capable of empowering your marketing team and staff to light the fire both inside and outside of the organization.

So c’mon baby, light that fire. Why? Because it’s time to set the world on fire.

Carol Sours
Vibe Communications




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