People Do Business With People

People do business with people. Yep, seems obvious doesn’t it?  So, if we all really believed that people do business with people we would change the way we market our businesses and ourselves.  First, understand, that the majority of the time people are not going to choose to engage with your business, whether it’s service related or product-driven, just by the size of your brick and mortar or the mere shininess of your product.  They seek a deeper understanding, consciously or perhaps sub-consciously; it’s just human nature to want a feeling of connection.

Now, more than ever, small business has the opportunity to go up against big business and win. Why? It’s because it’s about stories, people and presentation – and the Internet is YOUR opportunity to share.  The playing field has been leveled – so bring your A game and play in the park with the BIG DOGS.

Here are a few of the essentials you will need to join in:

A compelling story – you might have 10 competitors or 1000 competitors selling the exact same thing you sell, but one thing is absolutely for certain – nobody has YOUR values, your business personality, your people or your approach.  Differentiate yourself and your organization – connect with people and tell your story that arouses an emotional reaction. Important to note: don’t tell someone else’s story or the story you wish you had – tell the REAL deal and keep it simple.

Create a foundation with a well-designed logo, business cards, website and social media skins that are consistent across all platforms. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a professional, relevant, engaging representation of your brand, but spend what it takes to create relevancy, style and connection. No skimping here.  If you haven’t updated your website since 1995 –well, ummmm, technology and design have advanced a bit and there’s a good chance you look like you’re sitting in the dark ages. When is the last time you opted for the wilted produce that had been sitting a day or two too long, even though it was cheaper than the rest? Right –you choose the freshest, most appealing produce that appears will deliver the best experience. It’s basic human instinct.

A voice. Yep, you got it, a voice – speak up.  In this very social world we live in you need to engage in the conversation or get rolled over by your competitors.  Weigh in on the discussions taking place about your industry. Share your own industry news, position on various topics or inside look at your business. Use your story and your awesomely designed brand as your platform and latch on to the social media momentum. Be seen and heard.

The last thing you will need is the DESIRE.  If you don’t have the desire to take your business to the next level then the other three simple essentials will sit idle.  You must have the desire to create the movement and opportunities.

Go ahead, channel that desire and get the ball rolling. You will be surprised how people respond when your brand looks great, you share a compelling story and starting adding to the conversation exchange. People will not only listen, but they, too, will share your story. It’s brand advocacy and it’s a beautiful thing!

Start a ripple. Make waves!

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