AWESOME Connectivity is Key to Operations and Marketing – People and Purpose

At the hub of any company or non-profit organization are the people.  It doesn’t matter if there are two employees or 1500.  The people make it happen. The people turn the wheel, interact with the clientele and drive growth and ingenuity.  The fastest way to a mucky, slow running, low performing system is through a disconnection of the people to the personality and purpose of the organization.  People seek understanding and importance behind their work.  When an emotional connection is made to an organization, meaning to the people within it and the work produced, innovation and value emerge. This connectivity is the foundation to a flourishing workplace culture and to people who are engaged and energized about the work they are producing.

The beginning of a new year is a prime time to review your organization’s connectivity.  The main connecting drivers for thriving work environments are PEOPLE and PURPOSE. A little bit goes a long way in creating energy behind connectivity. Once you empower people with the comfort and ability to interact with one another and the organizational purpose is clear; it’s like a spark to fire. Here are a few quick tips to ignite internal connectivity at your workplace:



  1. Develop team-building activities.  If you have multiple departments, form teams cross-departmentally to encourage collaboration among various areas of work.
  2. Start a monthly internal newsletter
    1. Highlight team or individual success
    2. Feature people who are doing purposeful service or activities outside of work

» Volunteering
» Excelling in a sport or hobby
» Developing community

3.  Create workspace options that allow for collaboration

4.  Encourage interaction, teamwork and goal setting among employees and departments

5.  Establish community time

» Before or after hours get-togethers
» Special dress-up or dress down days

Through people to people connectivity big ideas evolve, positivity is invigorated, strategy is enhanced and individual buy-in to the organization is strengthened.



  1. Make sure individuals are doing work that intrinsically motivates them
  2. Inject a sense of community – built by the people and valued for that reason
  3. Share and embrace the organizations mission, purpose, values, goals AND PERSONALITY
  4. Communicate individual purpose in regard to the strategic plan and how each person brings value to the overall growth

People perform at higher levels when they feel internally connected and have an emotional stake in the outcome.  Further, a sense of belonging inspires people to reach and dream for organization growth and success.

While this approach might seem a bit on the warm and fuzzy side of business, the benefits are far-reaching. If you have an interest in increased production, high-level collaboration, skilled problem solving and an overall positively energized environment, then take this very seriously. People and Purpose should be a line item on both your operations and marketing strategy.  From a marketing standpoint, your inside voice (your PEOPLE) is often your biggest voice.  If you have high-powered internal connectivity, I can promise you that “inside voice” will amplify to the outside marketplace.



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