Power to the People

When we look back on the significant moments in our lives, where we achieved great success, made a turning point, or experienced awesome joy, we can almost always connect the moment to a person.  People create links, add value, educate, inspire and move other people toward success. So, it’s important to recognize and respect the people in your life who have spurred movement. Our personal sphere of influence and ability is limited without the resources and knowledge of others. It’s vital to recognize our own limitations then to make the choice to not go it alone and to respect the people who help move us. When that happens, our growth potential is limitless.

Don’t Go It Alone
There are many different types of people who enter our lives and create a variety of benefits – personal and business.  When we’re aware of the importance people bring to our lives it’s a powerful thing.  People should not be taken for granted and no one should expect that they must figure out how to do it all by themselves. Here are a few things to think about when connecting with people:

Understand personal limitations
Being aware to your strengths and weaknesses is an important step toward success. Once you accept what they are, it’s important to capitalize on your strengths and build support for your weaknesses. One of the ways to support your weaknesses is though other people.

The Dream Team
Don’ t be intimidated by another person’s talent or brilliance, rather team up with those people to do great things for a project, to reach a goal or provide service to the community. Build a team or close circle of influence that enhances your strengths, believes in you, and is comprised of positive and energetic individuals.

Create strong and meaningful relationships
Always be engaging and respectful in conversations with others.  Look to find a deeper understanding of your peers and business network. Once you have a closer look at where their interest lie, personal and business, what type of work energizes them and what type of people they gravitate toward you will be better equipped to be a helpful resource for one another.

Don’t be afraid to ask
If you know a person who has the ability to assist you, make a needed connection, provide valuable insight or give you necessary momentum, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Most people enjoy the opportunity to bring benefit to someone else and will gladly oblige. Just be sure to be respectful of their time and don’t be presumptuous with your request.

Show Your Respect
Be grateful
The most important thing we can do when someone helps us in anyway is to let them know we appreciate it. Acknowledging the assistance with a gesture of kindness, via a direct “THANK YOU”, note or small gift lets that person know you appreciate them and that’s a BIG deal. Remember, it never too late to say “thank you”, maybe there is someone in your life who would appreciate a well-deserved “thank you!”

Give credit where credit is due (it’s ok to say someone helped you)
If you were part of a project that required others’ efforts to be a success or you were able to springboard off someone else’s progress, or the knowledge someone granted you gave you the needed ability to create impact, then by all means give them credit. It absolutely will not take away from your efforts or success by recognizing others important role. In fact, it will bring much more meaning and goodwill to the overall result.

Give back
What comes around goes around and to keep the power of people going you need to do your part.  Be willing to lend a helping hand, make a connection or offer advice. You never know what your involvement might do to bring someone to great life success. When you’re able to add positivity and value to someone else’s life, you’ve personally had one of life’s greatest achievements.

In almost every case, somebody paved the path that led to the start of your personal journey. Embrace the success and failure of those who came before you who are now allowing you the opportunity to make a difference. People are invaluable resources and our individual resources and talents only reach full potential when we use them to positively impact others.


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