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First, let us introduce ourselves.




 riley smith

President & Brand Marketing Specialist

Riley graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism & Media Communications and emphases in Public Relations & Advertising. She graduated with Suma Cum Laude honors - in the top 10% of her class. During her time at college she was the recipient of numerous awards including  being named an All-American for the AFA-NST, being elected as her sororities Finance and Operations VP and Chapter President, earning numerous scholarships including the Panko-Roberts Memorial Scholarship from the Omaha Press Club, which recognizes the top journalism students from Creighton, UN Omaha and UN Lincoln. She was also nominated to the colleges Homecoming Court and commencement speaker. While exceeding in her academics, Riley worked as Team Lead for the Nebraska Red Bull Student Markateers, Creative Marketing Assistant for Laurel & Ives and Account Associate for MavPR. She also competed for the colleges nationally recognized speech team as their team captain, qualifying over a dozen events to the national tournament over four years. 

Amongst the top new talent entering the marketing workspace, it is clear Riley has an eye for design and brings a fresh, top of the line mastery on all things brand strategy.





lori worth


Lori has worked in every aspect of marketing, from branding, creative, creative direction, production, communications, community engagement, and public relations over the past 20+ years. She takes a holistic, inside-out approach to brand. She looks at businesses with a fresh and inquisitive mindset and works side-by-side with leadership to help uncover what’s golden.

As a successful entrepreneur, Lori has made a name for herself in the marketing and branding landscape of Kansas City. Lori brings a wealth of knowledge to not only the creative process, but also what it takes to create a thriving business.



So, what's our story?

forever curious and inspired

It's easy to get stuck in the weeds of your business and lose sight of the essence of who you (meaning, you as a business) are from the inside out. Its also pretty safe to assume, you've likely shed your fair share of blood, sweat and tears to get this spot on our website today. I get it, as a 20+ year entrepreneur, I've been there. 

Let us lighten your load. Our sweet spot is brand. I have a passion for helping business leadership rediscover their "why, who and how". I'll tap into the heartbeat of where it all began, develop a connection with the intelligence and social acumen that creates the churn to keep people coming back - employees and clients. For me, this is the foundation of the brand. A solid, well-developed brand presents on the outside as it feels on the inside. Your brand is certifiably unique - no other has shared the same journey or the same people. We will pull all those pieces together to tell the story from the voice of your business. 

Together we've worked with one person consultancies, non-profits, school districts, municipalities, and corporations with 1000 plus employees. It doesn't matter if you sell widgets to Eskimos or paper for toilet paper tubes - I find business fascinating and have a thirst for learning. At the heart of it all, I’m a communicator. I understand people and have an innate curiosity for what makes things tick. 

Now, let's get to work  - It will be fun, I promise!

- lori


Vibe's new era

With college graduation nearing in December 2022, I knew I was ready to kick-start my career. Much like most of the people in my family, I had always had an itch to own my own business. Turns out the timing for Vibe couldn't be anymore perfect. My mom was ready to embark on a new chapter with Ox Industries as their VP of Marketing and loosen the reins on Vibe just as I was ready to start my entrepreneurial journey. It was clear where this path was leading us - Vibe wasn't going anywhere, in fact it just became so.

Vibe has rebranded, but still has the same core values and mission it was built on 20 years ago - telling stories from the inside out.
  We know good businesses are built with passion, love and dedication at the helm, which is why we don't just care to make your business "look pretty". We want the world to know who is at the heart of brand, what makes it move and why it matters. We want to create an engaging and emotional connection between your brand and the world.

We want to tell your story from the inside out.

- riley

Curious about the team behind the scenes?

We certainly haven't created this amazing portfolio of stories on our own. We are firm believers in the saying "we all have something to learn from one another." We work alongside some of the top creatives in graphic design, development, digital, video and brand strategy from Kansas City, MO to Boca Raton, FL and Los Angeles, CA to York, PA.

While we may have the ability to tell the story on our own, adding the insights and skills of these top creatives won't just have your story told, but brought to life.

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