Brand Consulting

What's a Brand Consultant?

A brand consultant, in my case, is like a storyteller. I dig deep to find the most compelling and authentic pieces of a business journey then bring it to life. I connect with the characters, the elements, the adversaries, challenges and successes to create an easily consumable and engaging presentation of the brand. To do this, I will pull on a team of professional resources who are top in their field, leaning on them for their individual expertise to give their piece of the project energy and depth. 


I’ve worked in every aspect of marketing from branding, creative, creative direction, production, communications, community engagement and public relations over the past 20+ years. I take a holistic, inside out approach to brand. I look at your business with a fresh and inquisitive mindset and work side-by-side with leadership to help uncover what’s golden.

The Process




Abstract Architecture


  • Research and Development

  • Strategy and Positioning

  • Tagline and Mission Statement

  • Strategic Brand Story



  • Visual Identity

    • Logo​

    • Colors, fonts, brand elements

    • Stationery

  • Marketing Materials

    • Brochures​

    • Flyers

    • Postcards

    • Annual Reports

  • Signage

  • ​Event Marketing
Square Stage


  • Website Design

    • Strategy​

    • Design & Development

  • Social Presence

  • Ads